Multiple timer instances after app installations



we have a process in our app that should run once a year at January 1st. We use an ad-hoc process with timer start event for this approach. The timer properties are configured as follows: R10/2017-01-01T00:01:00/P1Y.
The process has already run at 1.1.2017. In our tests we configured the timer as R10/2017-12-01T00:01:00/P10M and found that every time we install the app a new timer instance is created.
So the process starts once after the first app installation, twice after the second app installation, three times after the third installation and so on.
Now we are afraid that our process will be started multiple times at 1.1.2018, because we installed our app multiple times in the 2017.
The question is: how we can check how many process instances will be run at 1.1.2018 and what is the best way to modell our approach so that the process is run only once a year.

A sample app is attached.
We work with edoras 1.6.11

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Timer Start Event (12.3 KB)


Hello Olga,

We are currently investigating this issue (thank you for providing the app!) and we’ll reach you as soon as we have a solution for you.

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