Migration to non-Oracle JDK

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Do we have a clear strategy about what to do regarding the license change from Oracle for the Hotspot JDK? I assume we will migrate to AdoptOpenJDK but it would be good to know. What we will do is relevant to our customers.


Hi Jorge,

The plan is that we will look at JDKs like we do with Databases. We will try to get all the major JDK flavours tested with Flowable. I hope that for example Travis can help us a lot with this.

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That’s very interesting. So, in principle, we will not have any “default” or “prefered” JVM.

An additional question would be which JVM we will choose to run our systems, including the ones in PROD. For that purpose, do we have any preference? The same as before, I assume we will use AdoptOpenJDK because I don’t see ourselves buying Oracle Licenses.