Customizing of edoras one top bar



we would like to hide the search field and help link in the top bar as well as “User profile” and “Event log” items in the current user submenu. Is it possible? If yes, how we can do it? The solution Remove SEARCH menu in the top bar doesn’t work with edoras 1.6.13.

We use edoras 1.6.13.

Thank you.

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Hi Olga,
Did you try to hide them with CSS?

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Hi Javi

We have tried hiding things in the UI using css in the past, the problem is that EdorasOne uses the same classes for the user dashboard as they do for the modeller dashboard. So hiding something like the search box for the user would also result in it being hidden for the modeller, administrator, manager dashboard as well.

We wanted to use the css hiding approach to hide the create, discard, cancel buttons but found it suddenly hid the same buttons for the modeller, so we had to look for an alternative approach.




Hi Javi,

we hide the UI components with css now. But we have the same problem that Matt described. That’s why I would be interested in another approach to customize the edoras one top bar.

Thank you.

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